Oval Square

oval square

Oval Square is a mix of contemporary fashion and timeless silhouettes. It’s for people who dare to stand out and be creative with their own unique expression yet also appreciate good basics and classic suiting.

The concept is to challenge the expected by creating contrasts in design and styling, to
inspire an individual look, no matter who you are. It’s a brand that hopes to give everyone
the confidence to wear exactly whatever they feel like. Normality doesn’t exist and
imperfection is our perfection.

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Bruuns Bazaar

bruuns bazaar

Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and creativity, BRUUNS BAZAAR was established in 1994. Driven by the beautiful design of unique styles BRUUNS BAZAAR has offered high-quality fashion for WOMEN and MEN for more than 3 decades.

With a focus on maintaining a strong brand identity, BRUUNS BAZAAR remain true to our roots and Scandinavian design tradition with a high focus on long-lasting sustainable fashion. We always aims to add a new edge to our constant development. Expression and refined comfort is key to the brand value of BRUUNS BAZAAR.

Following the lanched in 1994 BRUUNS BAZAAR instantly became a frontrunner of Scandinavian fashion with an international design aesthetic. Worn by stylish and well-known celebrities such as Madonna, BRUUNS BAZAAR entered the official show calendar in Paris during the fashion week in January 1999 as the first-ever Danish brand.

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